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Are you interested in working in the creative industries? Join us as we explore the brand new interdisciplinary courses running at UCL East, the transferable skills you can gain from a creative degree, plus insights from local creative professionals on their career paths.

An introduction to creative careers

It’s the big question – what career to choose?

Here you'll find creative professionals sharing the work they do, the skills they use, and how they got into their creative careers.


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Film and TV production

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Media BA

UCL's new Media BA is aimed at ambitious future media professionals. You will:

  • Combine academic and critical skills with media practice,
  • Learn state-of-the-art professional skills in film-making, digital games and interactive media,
  • Be able to take a work placement in the sector.

Find out more about Media BA

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World-class environment

During your time with us, you'll have access to our new specialist facilities at UCL East.
Find out more about our studios, cinema and workshops.

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Industry insights

Liza Fletcher, co-founder and director of E17 Films and organiser of Walthamstow Film Festival talks about her career path.

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Working with the best

What's it like working for the BAFTA awards? Find out in our interview with Programme Manager Kim Kandola Flynn.

Game design

The Media BA course also includes a module on digital game production.

With gaming the UK's fastest-growing entertainment industry, there couldn't be a better time to get involved.

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Find work to fit your interests

Creating games needs people with a wide range of skills, ranging from art to programming. Check out these job profiles to find out where your interests could take you.

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Following your instincts

Ruth Ducker talks about choices along her career path that got her to the role of animation director. She's worked on animated TV series including Boj, Jungle Junction and Floogals.

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A creative career journey

Sean Rodrigo is a Walthamstow-based VR artist. He talks about his progression from advertising to VR, and how this varied experience helps him think in creative ways.

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Being part of a team

A career is like a winding path - you may have several different jobs in your life. Check out these career maps by ScreenSkills to see how jobs in the games industry work together.

Preparing you for the 21st century workplace

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Creative Arts and Humanities BA

This new course at UCL East will develop both your creative and critical skills, focusing on the role of narrative across writing, moving image, and performance.

Training will be in four key areas to support you on your unique career journey - creativity, critique, collaboration, and conscience.

Find out more about Creative Arts and Humanities BA

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Creativity in a changing world

Find out how the creative and critical skills you learn on the BA Creative Arts and Humanities will equip you to meet the world’s future challenges.

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A photographer's journey

Natalie Keymist talks about her journey from dance student to working in schools and galleries, and how her broad experiences have led to her becoming a successful photographer.

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The possibilities of art and technology

Artists like Ella Bulley are working at the forefront of combining materials and AI to generate art. Check out her work, created as part of our artist-researcher partnership programme.

Improving lives through data

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Information in Society BSc

The new Information in Society BSc is a new and innovative degree that will equip you with practical knowledge from both the humanities and technology, along with a thorough understanding of the crucial role of information, data and evidence to support, inspire and improve people's lives.

Find out more about the Information in Society BSc

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Building a fairer society 

An effective society bases its decisions on good information, but not everyone always benefits equally. Can we build a fairer society with good information practice? 

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Flexibile skills for industry

The Information in Society BSc aims to equip you with skills and expertise that will be strong assets for a range of careers, where real-world problems need information-driven solutions. 

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Interdisciplinary by design 

You no longer need to choose between humanities and sciences at university. This degree brings together fields as diverse as computer science, history, sociology, and data science. 

History and heritage - learning from the past

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Public History MA

UCL’s MA in Public History will support you to develop cutting-edge, research-led knowledge of the way history is produced and engaged with in public contexts, and the practices through which public historical understanding is created and communicated.

This MA explores history in its many forms, including through the museum and heritage, culture, media, technology and even video game sectors.

Find out more about the Public History MA.

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Cultural Heritage: Sada Mire TED talk

Somalian archaeologist and UCL lecturer Sada Mire talks about her important work in raising awareness of forgotten histories.

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Drawing from history

Artist-Illustrator-Curator Juma Harding-Dimmock describes narratives in her work including political issues, spirituality and symbolism.

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Curators of the future

The annual New Curators  programme is run by UCL Special Collections and Newham Heritage Month to offer young adults in East London the chance to develop the skills and experience needed to start a career in the cultural heritage sector.

Discover more

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Undergraduate programmes

Find out about all our undergraduate courses running at our innovative new East-London campus UCL East.

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UCL Careers

Want to hear from UCL graduates on their experiences? Check out the UCL Careers blog for our alumni insights into life in London, job applications and startups.

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Visual arts @ UCL

Art more your thing? The Slade School of Fine Art at UCL offers world-class teaching in contemporary art.

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Careers coaching in East London

Based on the Olympic Park the Good Growth Hub offers free careers advice and training for young people wanting to join the creative industries.

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Graduate study

Unlock a rich network of research expertise, community engagement and cross-disciplinary collaborations when you join our postgraduate programme.