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Trellis 2021-22

This ten-day free exhibition and event programme took place from 29 April to 8 May 2022 at the Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, E3 4QY

Trellis is an exhibition of collaborative commissions grown from UCL research. 

The festival was part of the work of UCL East Cultural and Community Engagement to create opportunities for collaboration between artists, researchers and communities based around the future UCL East campus.

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The Art Pavilion,
Mile End Park,
Clinton Road,
London, E3 4QY

Opening hours

Friday 29th April - Sunday 8th May
10am-6pm daily
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woman wearing gold ear climbers dressed in black looks at herself in the mirror
Tailor-Made is an active participatory project that looks insight into individuals have a relationship with cancer through wearable art.

hands and abstract tile design in yellow and orange on paper
Material Design Meets AI is a collaboration which explores the use of materials as learning tools to teach about elements of AI and bring it to a new audience.

wo white hands holding a drooping string across a black background
As we wake up from an unsettling year marked by a brutal shift to virtual communication and over-reliance on our small “bubbles”, how do we use all of our senses to reconnect with each other and build new bridges across communities?

ands and abstracts shapes on a colourful table
During the Covid crisis, the food insecurity long plaguing communities across east London has come into sharp relief. We will be exploring ways to work towards food justice by examining the networks needed to sustain it as an essential service and a basic human right.

model of geodesic dome made from orange straws and white tape at joints. Model sits on a table with black lamp behind.
Our collective vision is: “to explore, through a process of intense collaboration and co-creation, how we can use our respective skills as researchers and artists to meet challenges faced by disadvantaged people in this pandemic era.”

abstract grey globe on white background
This project brings together researchers, artists, disabled and non-disabled people to explore and discover new perspectives into enablement empowered by technology and creativity.

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