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Visiting the Exhibition

The gallery is open 11-6 every day from 29th April - 8th May.


Visit the gallery

From 29 April - 8 May
11:00 - 18:00 every day

The Art Pavilion,
Mile End Park,
Clinton Road,
London, E3 4QY

Special events

Workshop: Material Conversations

Saturday 30 April
13:30 - 15:00


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This workshop will explore sound and our environments, where all the world is an instrument. We want to discover the different sounds that we can create from materials that surround us every day, both indoors and outside. Join us in a walking audio exploration of Mile End Park and participate in an indoor workshop where we will create sounds out of materials such as metal, cardboard, wood and glass using turntables and a variety of unusual turntable stylus.

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close up turntable and needle
Material Conversations: Caroline Wright, Turntable, 2022

Trellis Late Opening and Curator Tour

Thursday 5 May
18:00 - 21:00 (late opening)
18:30 - 19:30 (curator tour)


No need to book, just turn up!


As part of Whitechapel Gallery's First Thursdays, we are opening the gallery until 9pm.

Join curator Rosie Murdoch at 6.30pm for a guided visit of this exhibition of art works co-created by artist and UCL researchers with east London communities. Rosie will share insights into the creation process and how the collaborations worked together to explore the research areas. Artist and material designer Ella Bulley will also be in the gallery to talk about her artwork. 

two people look at image on a wall

Celebration: Another Provision Launch

Friday 6 May
18:00 - 21:00


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Join Another Provision for the launch of our installation and publication, developed in collaboration with National Food Service – London. You will hear from artist Johann Arens and researcher Hanna Baumann about our joint project on food as an urban infrastructure. Patrons and volunteers of the National Food Service will read excerpts from texts produced for the publication ‘Another Provision: food infrastructures and collective care in London’. Finally, we will inaugurate a mobile installation for communal eating by sharing a delicious meal on it.

More on the project

In a colourful room, three women bend over a glass table manipulating copper wire between abstract shapes
Another Provision: Food Justice Workshops, 2021


Workshop: Patterns of Connection

Saturday 7 May
14:00 - 16:00


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Patterns of Connection is a collaboration between artist Marysa Dowling and neuroscientists Catherine Perrodin and Liam Browne. In our partnership, we have been exploring how we experience the world, and connect with each other using sound, vision and touch.

Join us to playfully capture the fleeting nature of nonverbal communication using glow in the dark photographic techniques, and see if you can match sounds and images.

More on the project

silhouette of hands on green background
Patterns of Connection: #3, 2021

Workshop: Tailor-made: using art to tell personal stories

Saturday 7 May
14:00 - 16:00


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In this interactive art workshop you will work with jewellery designer and artist Kassandra Gordon and artist and scientist Ayse Akarca to explore ways of telling stories through art making.  Kassandra and Ayse have been working with people who have a relationship with cancer to create wearable art. Using images of the microscopic features of tissue samples they designed their own jewellery piece telling their own personal stories of their cancer journey. Starting with themes of family, heritage, science and health in your own life, you will use paint, drawing, poetry and jewellery design to create an art work.

More on the project

gold ring with Just Breathe written on it
Tailor-Made: Just Breath Ring, 2022