Trellis: Public Art
Bringing together researchers, artists and communities.

Trellis: Public Art is a programme of knowledge exchange between researchers and artists, part of the wider vision for UCL Public Art and Community Engagement to create opportunities for collaboration between artists, researchers and communities based around the future UCL East campus.

Trellis is a multistage funding scheme to support UCL researcher and east London artists to collaborate and exchange knowledge. The stages are:

  1. Supported matchmaking.
  2. Initial funding of £2,000 to develop relationships and explore ideas for collaboration.
  3. Commission of £15,000 for collaborations to create work for display/exhibition.

Trellis 2 concluded in April 2021 with a series of live events showcasing work from the five commissioned projects.  Find out more about Trellis 2 and the digital exhibition.

Trellis 3 is currently underway. 12 projects have been awarded £2,000 to develop ideas for collaboration. Find out more about Trellis 3 and the selected artist-researcher partnerships.

Curation and production management provided by Rosie Murdoch.

Watch a playlist of videos about the Trellis project:

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsFe37ib4Vk&list=PLmR-JZVheI8pYvpYRwUVoY...


If you want more information, you can get in touch.

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