UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks


UCL Therapeutic Innovations Networks (TINs)

Hosted by the UCL Translational Research Office (TRO), the Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) follow a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together researchers and industry experts involved with a therapeutic modality, to tackle common obstacles and mobilise around strategic opportunities to accelerate translation. 

The recognised UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) are: Biologics, Cell, Gene and Regenerative Medicines, Devices & Diagnostics, Repurposing and Small Molecules. Explore the TINs below to see how we can help with getting your therapeutic intervention to the clinic and learn about the success stories to come out of such collaborative work. 

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Share knowledge with researchers using monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins to treat disease.

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Cell, Gene and RegMed

From CAR T to tissue engineering, this UCL community is world-leading in cell, gene & regenerative therapy translation. 

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Devices & Diagnostics

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering support the D&D TIN to transform patient care with digital technologies. 

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Understand the translational pathway for drug repurposing: discovering new therapeutic uses for existing medicines.

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Small Molecules

Offering early drug discovery support with target identification, high throughput screening and medicinal chemistry. 

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Join the Community

Connect with researchers from across UCL and partner BRC's to accelerate translation around a therapeutic modality.