UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks


Devices & Diagnostics

The aim of the Devices & Diagnostics TIN is to drive therapeutic innovation in the use and development of medical devices and diagnostics for effective translation into the clinic.

With the Devices & Diagnostics TIN, we want to: 

  • Provide the infrastructure to translate research into the clinic. 
  • Establish a workflow for the design, development and evaluation of medical devices (QMS, Ethics Applications, Regulatory Guidance). 
  • Communicate the innovation projects and pathway to the UCL community and external partners.
  • Educate project teams in regulation requirements and develop a teaching programme for use across the university.
  • Reinforce functional link with UCL Partner Hospitals

Medical devices and diagnostics are increasingly being relied upon as gating factors on the choice of drugs to treat chronic and acute conditions, signalling a shift in the balance of power between ‘pharma’ and ‘med tech’. Our community encompasses the full range of medical devices including surgical instruments, software, hardware, firmware, scientific instruments and in-vitro diagnostics.