UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks


What are the TINs?

Coordinating expert communities around a therapeutic modality to accelerate translation

The Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) are multidisciplinary networks established across UCL and partner NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (UCLH, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Moorfields eye hospital), in order to maximise the translation of UCL’s biomedical science for the benefit of patients.    

A key aspect of the TINs is providing education and training to increase the knowledge and understanding of translation and to equip researchers with the skills needed to collaborate with commercial partners.

The TINs accelerate translation by: 

  • Coordinating expert communities around therapeutic modality
  • Sharing expertise
  • Working to optimise translational pathways
  • Mobilising around strategic opportunities
  • Building targeted external partnerships
  • Shaping education and training

Infrastructure graphic


Extensive Infrastructure Accelerates Translation.