UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks


Meet the TIN Chairs

Meet the Therapeutic Innovation Network (TIN) Chairs and Coordinators for each modality, who work towards bespoke strategic objectives to drive translation at UCL.

TIN Coordinators:

Asha Recino
Dr Asha Recino

TIN Coordinator (Biologics, Cell and Gene Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Repurposing)

Helen Cooksley
Helen Cooksley

TIN Coordinator (Devices and Diagnostics, Small Molecules)

TIN Chairs:

Paul Dalby
Professor Paul Dalby

Biologics TIN Chair

Geoff Parker
Professor Geoff Parker

Devices & Diagnostics Chair

Jonathan Knowles
Professor Jonathan Knowles

Regenerative Medicines TIN Co-Chair

Matt Todd
Professor Matthew Todd

Small Molecule TIN Co-Chair

Simon Waddington
Professor Simon Waddington

Cell & Gene Therapies TIN Chair

Julie Daniels
Professor Julie Daniels

Regenerative Medicines TIN Co-Chair

oscar della pasqua
Professor Oscar Della Pasqua

Repurposing Chair

Professor Bart Vanhaesebroeck

Small Molecule TIN Co-Chair