UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks



Drug repurposing is the process of discovering new therapeutic uses for existing drugs.

Drug repurposing can encompass any one of the following activities: 

  • Repositioning drug candidates that are currently in clinical development to new disease indications
  • Targeting drugs that have been abandoned or failed to demonstrate efficacy for a particular indication during phase II or III trials to new disease indications 
  • Targeting marketed or off-patent drugs to new disease indications
  • Reformulation of drugs including novel delivery systems 
  • Novel combination therapies

With the Repurposing TIN, we want to: 

  • Identify the UCL repurposing community 
  • Scope and engage with new members 
  • Attract and educate the existing repurposing community
  • Provide an overview of key issues within the community and work together to overcome these 
  • Explore new opportunities 
  • Provide funding/translation advice

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