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Teaching and learning resources for departments

The following resources are available to support teaching and learning in departments.

For printed materials for your staff and students for the start of the academic year (or at any time during the year!), please complete the order form.

We will download orders on Mondays and distribute to the relevant teams in professional services, so it could take up to two weeks for you to receive them.

If your order is more urgent, please contact teaching.learning@ucl.ac.uk  

A full list of resources available to you is below. Resources available in print are indicated in bold, complete the order form and provide the quantities that you need.  

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Academic support

What do you need to succeed? Personal tutoring at UCL

Things to talk about: personal tutoring at UCL (conversations with your personal tutor) 

Assessment and feedback

Student guide to assessment and feedback

First published 2017-18.

Assessment: a UCL ChangeMakers guide

Ten top tips for getting the best out of your programme and engaging effectively with your learning. 

Feedback: a UCL ChangeMakers guide

5 steps to getting the most out of feedback and making your learning effective

A student guide to the UK honours marking system

Skills training for your students

Student opportunities 

UCL student opportunities postcard

Student Academic Reps, ChangeMakers, Student Quality Reviewers, Student Experience Panel etc.

Global Citizenship postcard

  • Print version available (A6)

Student surveys

Resources to support NSS, PTES, New to UCL, Student Experience Survey, You Shaped UCL campaign. 

For student surveys the following materials are available:

Wellbeing support

Here to support you: a guide to UCL Student Support and Wellbeing services

A comprehensive guide to the support services provided by UCL Student Support and Wellbeing and other teams, including subjects such as mental health and wellbeing support, disability support, counselling, and specialist support for particular student groups. First published 2017-18.

Being distributed to new students in accommodation packs at start of session 2018-19)

New Students’ Guide

Aimed at all new students, this provides helpful guidance on a range of common issues, from opening a bank account to accessing healthcare.

All students will be given a copy at enrollment. Departments will be able to order once enrollment has taken place.

Illness or other personal problems? What can you do if they affect your exam or assessments?

A comprehensive guide for all students about UCL's Extenuating Circumstances process. 

Resources for staff

Education strategy 2016-21 

Academic Career Framework

To support academic staff to create cases for promotion and planning their careers. 

Staff guide to student academic representation – information and guidance

The student representative benchmarking tool

Student Staff Consultative Committees: trends in student feedback 2017/18

The Academic Representatives annual report 2018/19

  • Digital version available soon

Student Choice Awards 2019: What do students value most?

Inclusive Curriculum healthcheck

Resource to support the project to close the BME attainment gap.

Supporting student mental health and wellbeing: a guide for UCL staff

A guide to help staff have conversations with their students, direct students to the correct mental health and wellbeing services and what to do should there be a mental health emergency. 

Research supervision  

A code of practice for graduate research degrees

Doctoral School handbook 

  • Print version available (A4 44 pages)
  • Digital Version

The Good Supervision guide

A guide for new and experienced supervisors at UCL.

Appropriate forms of supervision 

Guidance for research supervisiors at UCL on appropriate forms of supervision. 

Digital education for departments 

Connected Learning Baseline 

The minimum expectations for e-learning provision for all taught programmes and modules at UCL, with a focus on Moodle.  

Online teaching: guidance, tools and platforms

An overview of the teaching and learning technology recommended and supported by UCL.


Moodle report that displays assessment feedback in a single view, so students compare and identify areas for improvement, with the support of their personal tutors. 

ABC (Arena Blended Connected) Workshops 

90 minute workshops for programme and module leads to design effective blended and online courses aligned to the Connected Curriculum.  

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