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New approaches and resources for Staff Student Consultative Committees (SSCCs)

16 September 2019

Departments across UCL are revising their approaches to staff-student committees and making resources available to all.

Engaging students

Last year, prompted by new regulations, some departments took the opportunity to completely revise their approach to their SSCCs, with the aim of making the meetings a more collaborative, action-focused forum.

More recently we’ve spoken to a number of staff across UCL as part of the Student Voice Project, who are keen to making their SSCCs more effective, and build a stronger partnership with their student cohort, but aren’t always sure of the best way to go about it.

To help with this, in Term 1, SSCC Staff Co-Chairs can expect to receive a short guide to SSCCs.  

This information can be used to prompt an initial conversation between Staff and Student Co-Chairs (once appointed), as well as help the Chairs jointly plan the SSCC meetings for the year ahead.  

The ASER process and departmental ChangeMakers projects, have been revised to form a key part of SSCC discussions, helping to engage students in the education priorities of their departments, as well as providing meaningful ways for students to be partners in improvements projects or actions.

You can find useful resources: