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Sustainability: Make a difference in your workplace

This page aims to give you some easy to follow guidance and sign posting so that we as a Division can make a positive difference to the way our offices impact the environment.

Too hot, too cold? See UCL's policy

heating and cooling inforgraphic

Concerned about how much energy we waste? Do a quick survey of your workspace and send your results to your Green Champion (see box to the side) to help us improve your working environment.


To make the most impact we really need everyone to support us with the simple and easy things such as:

Switch Off actions:
Do not forget to make an effort to switch off as many of your equipment as you can over long breaks like Xmas and Easter.  To check what impact you are having, you can view live energy info for CBH (sorry there are no live data for the Royal Free and the RNOH campuses)

Do something, anything!
Want to do your bit but not sure how to get started, what will actually make a difference?  UCL has teamed up with DoNation to help you identify what you can do, and how to get started.  
Perhaps you are already taking action to reduce your impact on the environment?  Make it count and help raise the Division's green profile! Please take a moment to sign up to DoNation and choose a pledge.  You can choose from our top 5 on your landing page, or select "All" to view a broader range.  

Stick up posters to encourage colleagues!
You can access a wide range of UCL branded posters and resources here.

Sustainability E-learning module on Moodle

Read about UCL's commitment to sustainability UCL Policy

Get Involved