Intercollegiate Study

Information about Intercollegiate Study and how to apply to study a module at another University of London member institution.

Intercollegiate Study

Undergraduate and postgraduate students at any member institution of the University of London can apply to study a module at another member institution - this is known as intercollegiate study. 

A list of participating institutions is available below but always check with your teaching department first to determine if a module is suitable:

University of London - Member Institutions

Incoming intercollegiate students

If you are an undergraduate or Master's degree student registered at a participating University of London College, you may be able to take a module at UCL as part of your degree.

Please only fill out this form once you have approval from both your home institution and the department in which you wish to take the module here at UCL.

Form available here

For non-UK & EU students we also require a copy of your Passport and Visa/BRP to ensure we comply fully with UK Immigration Rules and Student Sponsorship guidance. You will be notified how to upload your documents once your record has been created.

Once your application has been received your record will be created and you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete enrolment. At this point, you will also receive your student ID number. Please note that the teaching department will still have to approve the module so ensure you have received confirmation of study before completing.

Outgoing intercollegiate students

This is for UCL undergraduates who want to take a module at another University of London College.
UCL has in place arrangements to permit undergraduate students, on most programmes, to enrol on a module at another University of London college that is not available at the School and would complement their programme of study.  Please be aware that not all UCL undergraduate programmes permit intercollegiate study and in some cases, additional restrictions on intercollegiate study may apply. You will need to discuss your module choices with your department before registering.

Application process

Each University of London Institution will also have their own versions of the Intercollegiate Student Registration Form and different deadlines as to when they need to be submitted.

If you wish to take an intercollegiate module at another University of London college and your programme structure permits it, you need to contact the teaching institution for approval and further information.