Student Finance During Study

The information here relates to the policy and processes of Student Finance England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Students with funding from Student Awards Agency Scotland should contact SAAS directly

Receiving Student Finance

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Information on how your tuition fee loan and maintenance loan is paid

Current Year Income Assessment (CYI)

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If your household income goes down by 15% or more, you could be entitled to more Student Finance

Household income assessment without taking a loan

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You don't need to take out a Student Finance loan to have your household income assessed for bursary purposes.

When there's a change in circumstances

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What happens to your Student Finance funding when you interrupt, withdraw, repeat study or transfer courses

Tuition Fee Loan Entitlement and Compelling Personal Reasons

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Information on tuition fee loan entitlement and submitting evidence of compelling personal reasons (CPR)

Student Finance cost of living advice

Filling out a form

Check you are receiving all the Student Finance funding available to you