International Student Safety Webinar - January 2022

4 January 2021

The International Student Safety Webinar is open to all new international students starting in January 2022 and will allow you to ask any questions you have about staying safe in London.

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As a new international student you are commencing what will be an exciting and interesting experience studying abroad. We appreciate that study abroad also comes with new challenges, including staying safe in a foreign country. 

The International Student Safety Webinar will be presented by a Metropolitan Police Constable, who will cover a range of topics relating to student safety in the UK. Being informed on common crimes carried out in the UK is the best way for you to develop awareness and understand the ways you can ensure your own personal safety. The seminar will also cover how to seek help if you are the victim of a crime and be a chance for new international students to ask any questions they may have in an open, honest and easy fashion. 

The International Student Safety Webinar will take place at 11 am UK time on Friday 07 January 2022. as well as a Met PC, a member of the International Student Support team will be there to answer all of your questions as well as provide their own advice on how best to settle in and make the most of your time here.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for this online event and make sure that you're fully prepared to enjoy your time at UCL and in London. 

Please note that this event is now online. You will have access to the meeting link once you've registered. 

Register by clicking the blue box below. 

International Student Safety Webinar - Friday 07 January 2022 - 11am - 12pm