Key Travel - Flexible travel options for UCL students

2 October 2020

We have partnered with Key Travel to provide students with access to discounted travel rates and more flexibility in case your plans change


If you are planning your travel to London, you may be concerned about flights and the flexibility you may need if your circumstances change. UCL have partnered with Key Travel to support you in ensuring you get the best rates for your travel.

Key Travel is one of the UK’s leading bespoke travel management agencies, and is used by UCL staff and researchers for work-related overseas travel. To book your travel, simply log on to our online portal and book your flights.

Through booking via Key Travel as a UCL student, you have access to discounted academic rates, increased flexibility, discounted or waived cancellation and change fees and additional baggage allowances.

This service is available to all UCL students throughout their time at UCL, for all your travels, including travelling home for the vacation periods for instance.

Once you have pre-enrolled or re-enrolled, you will receive an email from Key Travel to inform you of this service and can register using your UCL student email address.

Find out more information about Key Travel.