Police registration appointments

4 November 2020

An update from the Overseas Visitors' Records Office (OVRO) regarding police registration appointments.

police registration

The Overseas Visitors' Records Office (OVRO) is currently experiencing very high numbers of people trying to book police registration appointments through their online booking facility.

Continuation of police registrations through the English lockdown

OVRO will be continuing its police registration services through the national lockdown period which starts on 5 November 2020. If you have an appointment booked during the lockdown period, please still attend your appointment. OVRO will ensure that all health and safety precautions have been taken to ensure staff and customer safety.

Please visit the OVRO website for full details on their services.

7 day registration rule

OVRO wants to assure people that they will not be punished for not being able to book an appointment within 7 days if there are no appointments available. OVRO has advised people to regularly check their online booking facility and book the first available appointment. 

Please visit the OVRO website to book a police registration appointment

Leaving/re-entering the country before you have registered with the police

OVRO also wants to assure people that if you are returning to your home countries prior to registering or reporting changes with OVRO, you should not face any difficulties at UK ports when leaving or re-entering the UK.

For full details and guidance from UCL on police registration, please visit the UCL police registration webpage.