Police registration

Some nationals are required to register with the police as part of the terms of their visa. Please watch the video and read the steps below on how to do this.

If no appointments are available or are not available for a long time

If there are no appointments available for booking or the first available appointment isn't available for a long time, please do not worry. Please try again later/book the soonest available appointment. You will not be penalised for this, simply retain proof that you indeed tried to login and book an appointment within 7-days of your arrival in the UK by taking a screenshot and just keep checking the OVRO website on a daily basis until you are successful in booking an appointment. 

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Registering with the police through the online booking portal:


Registering with the police through the online booking portal

Creating an account

If you are using OVRO's online booking portal for the first time, then you will need to create an account. If the postcode of your UK accommodation isn't registering (this sometimes happens with new buildings or a quirk in the system) you can use the postcode of the main UCL campus, so long as you are living in London. Once you've created an account with your email address and password, you'll be sent a confirmation email from OVRO and you'll need to activate your account before proceeding.

Type of registration and visa

You will then be asked whether this is a 'New Registration' or a 'Transfer from another Force'. If this is your first registration with OVRO in the UK, please select 'New Registration'. If you have previously been registered in the UK, outside of London, please select 'Transfer from another Force'.

Next, you will be asked what type of visa you are in the UK on. All student visa types including the new Student visa and the Tier 4 are grouped under 'Student'. You will then be asked to confirm your choices before you can proceed to entering your details.

Entering your details

You'll then be asked to provide your details on the following areas:

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Family members
  • Study details
  • Travel details
  • Visa details 
  • Additional information

Things to note when adding the details

  • VAF Reference not accepting a 6 digit VAF ref - Please enter a zero ‘0’ at the start of the VAF number to make up the required number of digits.
  • BRP Reference not accepting a 6 digit number after the 2-3 letter prefix - Please enter a zero ‘0’ at the start of the number sequence to make up the required number of digits.
  • Entry Clearance Vignette and BRP expiry dates not accepting an expired date - We appreciate that due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic and office closure, some BRP’s have expired and students are awaiting the grant of their new FLTR/BRPs. The portal currently does not accept dates that have passed. Whilst our software suppliers develop and test the necessary changes to this data field, we would advise entering a current date for now as OVRO staff will be validating the information when students attend their appointment and will amend this data at that stage.
  • Tutor contact- This is a new data field for OVRO London and falls in line with data fields used by over 20 other police forces who use same online portal. When students are asked for their ‘Tutor Contact’  - Please enter the name of the tutor if known. Where students do not have a named tutor they can enter 'International Student Support'.
  • Arrival date - Where students have stayed in the UK to continue their course but may have taken a break to go on holiday etc. they should enter the date they arrived on their most recent Entry Clearance Visa vignette.
  • Change of address - If a student already has a PRC and only wants to update their address, they should create an account and book an appointment. This is likely to be at OVRO for now but the location could change, i.e a police station. The system will state where you need to go to change your address.

After you've correctly entered all your details, you can then submit your form. You'll be sent a confirmation email by OVRO.

Upload a photograph

You then need to upload a passport style photo. It will need to show both your head and shoulders with no objects or people in the background. You can use your phone or webcam for this but make sure the quality is sufficient as this will be used for your police registration certificate. You will then be sent a confirmation email by OVRO.

Book your appointment date and time

You can choose a date and time that suits you. The venues available all refer to the same OVRO building in London, so you can check all availablity using the same calendar. Available appointment slots will be highlighted in blue. After selecting your appointment slot, you will be asked to check the details before confirming. Once confirmed, your police registration appointment will be booked and you will receive a confirmation email from OVRO. If you need to, you can then reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Remember that the 7 day rule for registering with the police after arriving in the UK refers to the booking of your appointment. It does not matter if the actual date of the appointment occurs after the 7 day period.

What to bring

Whether you're registering for the first time or registering a change in your circumstances, use the checklist below to ensure you bring all the relevant documents.

Documents to bring to your appointment

  • Passport(s);
  • Biometric Residence Permit (also known as BRP);
  • Home Office visa approval letter or email showing requirement to register (If BRP applied in the UK);
  • Proof of address in London, for example a tenancy agreement or letter of confirmation from your sponsor;
  • Proof of work or study details (confirmation letter from educational sponsor/CAS or employment contract);
  • £34 registration fee – Cash is not accepted. Please ensure you attend with payment such as credit or debit card or mobile payment.

You will need to show your online booking confirmation on your phone or printout when you attend.

*IMPORTANT: If you have completed your visa application in the UK and have not received the ATLAS email approving Further Leave to Remain, which also states the requirement to register with the police, please email the Home Office on entryclearance.errors@fco.gov.uk. You should receive a response within five working days.

Do I need to let OVRO know when I leave the UK?

No. Whether you are just leaving the UK for the summer or leaving permanently, you don't need to let OVRO know that you are leaving the UK and you don't need to hand back your PRC. Make sure to keep your PRC safe in case you ever return to the UK to live. 

How do I get to OVRO?

OVRO is located at 323 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1JL.

The nearest Tube station is Borough on the Northern line.

Please visit the OVRO website for opening times and further information.

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