Spend Easter with a British family

5 February 2020

Ever wanted to see what Easter is like in the UK? Fancy eating your weight in chocolate eggs? Spend time with a British family over the Easter period and enjoy the best of this spring-time holiday.

easter eggs

Churches are having services, school children are making Easter bonnets (hats), people are eating hot cross buns, and supermarket shelves are groaning with every kind of chocolate imaginable. Easter may not receive the same kind of attention that Christmas gets but it’s a lovely time to explore a different part of the UK and experience a real family occasion.

UCL’s friends over at HOST UK are offering international students the chance to visit a British family for the day or spend the weekend with them over the Easter holiday period and see first-hand how we celebrate.

The UCL Easter break runs from the end of term 2 (Friday 18 March 2020) to the start of term 3 (Monday 26 April 2020) making it the perfect time to book that trip and make the most of your time out of the classroom.

For more information on what HOST UK offer, please see their website.

Application for HOST UK are now open.