Sunflower lanyard scheme – support for students with an invisible disability

3 December 2020

UCL has signed up to a new sunflower lanyard scheme to help students who may have an invisible disability.


Sunflower lanyard scheme

Some disabilities are invisible and you may not recognise that someone has a disability or understand the challenges they may face in their daily life. 

The Invisible Disabilities Sunflower lanyard scheme was first launched in 2016 as an initiative to discreetly indicate that the wearer has an invisible disability and may require additional support or assistance.  

The scheme has been adopted at UCL in order to support our staff and students with invisible disabilities.

Individuals with any invisible disabilities can wear the sunflower lanyard around campus and beyond and they can now be collected in a number of UCL locations:
•    Andrew Huxley building
•    IOE Library
•    Main Library
•    Science Library
•    Cruciform Hub

We understand that you may want a lanyard prior to coming to campus. If so, you can either ask a department representative to collect a lanyard on your behalf and post it out to you or you can request one via askUCL and it will be posted to you by Student Support and Wellbeing.

If you have already gotten a lanyard previously at an airport, supermarket or other venue, you can use the same one at UCL as they are the same. 

You can download a sunflower badge for your email footer also, showing that you either wear the sunflower or support the scheme.

Find out more information about the Invisible Disability Sunflower lanyard scheme. 


AccessAble is an online guide that provides you with information about how accessible venues are across the UK and Ireland. They have details on thousands of shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, train stations, hotels, hospitals and more. 

Through using AccessAble, you can plan a suitable and accessabe route to move around campus and London. 

AccessAble can be used on a desktop or downloaded as an app for your phone to be used on the go. 

UCL has worked with AccessAble to provide access guides for staff, students and visitors to the university. 

Find out more about UCL’s access guides.