Safe travel around the capital

2 December 2020

Whether you are new to the capital or an old hand, it is important that we consider our safety as restrictions are relaxed and we are starting to travel around London again.

London taxi and bus on the street

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and London life

We understand that some of you may be studying remotely to begin with due to the coronavirus situation and therefore unable to arrive on campus and in London in January.

We hope that even if you can’t join us immediately, that these articles get you excited for when you are able to join us here in London and give you a flavour of the amazing things to come.

Our top tips for safe travel are:

Familiarise yourself with the rules.

The rules are constantly changing. Make sure you are aware of the current instructions from the government. If you need a face mask to travel on public transport, do you have one ready? How many metres do you need to stay away from other people? Understanding the rules should help you to feel more confident during your travels around the city. 

Plan your route.

Planning your route and method of transport should help you to feel more in control of the process. If you are walking, you might prefer to take routes where there are wider pavements so you can maintain social distancing rules. Please be wary about using shortcuts through alleyways and estates you are not familiar with. Stick to well lit, busy roads where possible.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

If you decide to take the bus, tube or train, go at off-peak times and take a face covering or mask and have hand sanitiser with you.


If you are new to cycling make sure you prepare by learning your route and sticking to segregated cycle lines where possible to stay safe. Always wear a helmet and if you are unsure about the rules of the road please look at the Highway Code or check Camden Council’s web pages for tips here


Many taxi companies are still operating in London, you can book a licenced taxi here through the TFL website. All legitimate taxis should have a licence number presented in a visible place in their taxi. You can check this number on the TFL link above if you are unsure. If you are in doubt, find a safe place to end the journey and call up a company approved by TFL.

Go with your gut.

You gut instinct is so important. Trust it. If something feels wrong please move to a place of safety or ask a member of staff to help you. If the tube is packed and you can’t maintain the required distance, wait for another tube. No one will blame you for being late in order to keep yourself safe.

Aside from these simple tips, UCL has a wealth of support to help you to get back into your stride after lockdown.

Student Support and Wellbeing can be contacted using our askUCL student enquiries system.

Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Advisor, Sophie Bimson can be contacted via her email.

Sophie Bimson, UCL's Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Adviser