Introducing askUCL, your student enquiries system

2 December 2020

askUCL is UCL’s online enquiries system for students, designed to help you get the answers you need.

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What does askUCL do?

askUCL is first of all an information hub, with a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) covering all sorts of common topics. These include:

  • student fees;

  • student funding and scholarships;

  • immigration and visas;

  • international student support;

  • disability support;

  • mental health and wellbeing support;

  • study abroad opportunities;

  • examinations and assessments;

  • formal complaints.

The system allows you to search by entering a question or key words and shows you the relevant FAQs relating to your search and providing you with an answer to your query.

Enquiry forms

If you find that your question isn't resolved by the FAQs, you can easily raise an enquiry by completing a simple online form. Your enquiry will be sent to the most relevant team for a response.


askUCL allows you to log in and track your enquiries, so you can see exactly where we are in responding to you enquiry. You can also provide any further information to help the team resolve your enquiry quicker.

Who can use askUCL?

All current UCL students (and students on an interruption of study) can use the system, from the point of enrolment to the point of graduation. If you are a new student but have not enrolled yet, then you won't be able to use askUCL just yet. Once enrolled, you just need to log in using your UCL user ID and password.

Last revised: 8 September 2021.

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