Develop your entrepreneurial skills and thinking at UCL

2 December 2020

UCL Innovation & Enterprise helps you develop the vital entrepreneurial skills you need in order to flourish in the career you choose.

UCL Innovation and Enterprise

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As you prepare to come to UCL, even if your arrival might need to be delayed due to the impacts of COVID-19, you can still get involved with the programme as their extracurricular entrepreneurship support is available both on campus and virtually. The UCL Innovation & Enterprise entrepreneurship programme can help you to do the following:

  • Gain a competitive edge and equip yourself with real-world transferable skills that can be useful in any market, industry or sector.
  • Understand better how business works.
  • With the safety net of UCL behind you, start your own business. Get expert, practical and confidential advice to help kick start and grow your own venture. You’ll also have access to free dynamic office space that’s available for UCL student start-ups.
  • Take advantage of our dedicated doctoral student entrepreneurship programme (SPERO). You’ll boost your career outlook by learning how to spot opportunities, maximise resources, generate ideas and improve your personal effectiveness. You can also receive support in setting up your own startup venture.
  • No matter what career you have ahead of you, skills to innovate and to be entrepreneurial will be valuable.

Enhance your entrepreneurial skills.

Hear from entrepreneurship student ambassador Marie Legrain (BSc in Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods).

Hear from entrepreneur Oskar Zieba (Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance MEng,2019).

Hear from Kaitlin Fritz (MA in Art History), co-founder, Musemio

Hear from MRes student Vishal Kumar (Spatial Data Science and Visualisation), co-founder, Photogram.ai

Find out more and give UCL Entrepreneurship a try.

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Meet the UCL Entrepreneurs!

UCL Innovation & Enterprise works with UCL staff, students and organisations to turn knowledge and ideas into the solutions that benefit us all. Meet some of UCL's entrepreneurs below.

Marie Legrain (Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods BSC)

During her first year at UCL Marie participated in the ‘Enterprise Boot Camp’. She learnt practical business and entrepreneurial skills in a supportive environment. Marie realised that business and entrepreneurship were key in complementing her studies and preparing her for her future career.

UCL Innovation & Enterprise asks Marie seven questions here.

Kisum Chan and Lincoln Lee (Biomedical Sciences BSc)

Co-founded by Kisum and Lincoln, Rice Inc helps Southeast Asian rice farmers reduce their losses and increase their income, having developed an innovative new way to dry rice. In 2018 they won the Hult Prize claiming $1m in seed funding. In 2019 Rice Inc partnered with multinational food services company Sodexo to bring ethical rice to UCL community. 
Find out more about how 
Kisum and Lincoln tackle food poverty with social enterprise.

Oskar Zieba (Mechanical Engineering and Business Finance MENG, 2019)

Oskar, with Guerric de Ternay (Affiliate student, UCL Laws 2013/14) co-founded Blackwood. They create beautiful accessories using natural and sustainable alternatives to animal leather, such as cork and wood leather. Accessories available include card holders, passport holders and pouch bags.

Hear from Oskar on why he believes that business is the best way to do something good for society.

Arthur Kay (UCL Architecture, 2013)

UCL startup bio-bean (founded by Arthur) manufactures and sells sustainable biofuel products and logs using recovered coffee grounds. The company recovers over 3,500 tonnes of coffee grounds every year from around 900 Costa stores. In 2019 bio-bean partnered with London Stansted Airport, to help it become the first airport in the world to convert all its waste coffee grounds into biofuels.

UCL start-up bio-bean: turning coffee waste into biofuel.

Nafisa Bakkar (Natural Sciences BSc, 2014)

Nafisa co-founded Amaliah, a media platform amplifying the voices of Muslim women, with over 300 contributors. Nafisa was named as a top entrepreneur under 30 by Forbes Magazine in 2016.
Find out more about Amaliah

Wendy Tester, Communications Manager, UCL Innovation & Enterprise