Innovation & Enterprise


Develop your entrepreneurial skills

Boost your employability by developing new skills, or get to work on a business idea, with our range of workshops and events overseen by experienced entrepreneurs.

Find workshops, courses and events to help you:

Explore entrepreneurship and develop transferable skills

Inspire: A series of free one-day online courses to help you explore entrepreneurship

Introduction to creative thinking and ideation: Skills for the workplace and business startup 

Learn how to apply creative and innovative thinking in the workplace or when setting up your own business.

Introduction to entrepreneurship: Is it for me?

Explore what it means to be an entrepreneur and if this is the career path for you.

Introduction to social enterprise: Is it for me?

Explore what’s involved in setting up and running a social enterprise.

SPERO: Entrepreneurship training for doctoral students

SPERO 1: Discover your entrepreneurial mindset

Develop your entrepreneurial thinking and start to recognise and use your entrepreneurial skills. A free one-day online workshop.

SPERO 2: Learn how to turn an idea into an enterprise

Learn about key concepts for early-stage enterprise creation and explore if entrepreneurship might be a possible alternative career path. A free two-day online workshop.

Build a business or social enterprise

Build your own business

This series of courses is for students new to entrepreneurship and interested in setting up their own company or social enterprise.

They’re also relevant if you’re interested in setting up a consultancy, charity or online business, or plan to work as a sole trader or have a hybrid career.

Build your own business 1 (Imagine): Discover and develop your entrepreneurial strengths

Discover your entrepreneurial strengths and learn how to come up with a good idea for a new business or social enterprise. A free one-day online course.

Build your own business 2 (Explore): Explore and test your idea

Test and refine your idea for a business or social enterprise idea. A free eight-week online course.

Build your own business 3 (Launch): Launch your business

Get your business or social enterprise ready to launch with this series of interactive workshops and one-to-one mentoring support. A free eight-week online course.

SPERO: Entrepreneurship training for doctoral students

SPERO 3: Build your enterprise - management and negotiation skills

Gain the practical skills and knowledge you need to set up your own business or commercialise your research. A three-day online workshop.

Develop your network and skills

Be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and form connections that could help you start or grow your business at our regular networking events.