Study abroad tutors

Here you can find contact details of department Study Abroad Tutors and Administrators who can assist you with questions around academic aspects of the Study Abroad programme.

Please see below for details of your UCL department's Study Abroad Tutor/Administrator, who will be your main point of contact for academic support in the lead up to, and during, your period abroad. 


Study Abroad Tutors

Dr Alexander Piel, anthro-undergraduate@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Shannon Ewart, anthro-undergraduate@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutor

Prof Elizabeth Graham, e.graham@ucl.ac.uk

Arts and Sciences

Departmental Study Abroad Coordinators

Monika Ma, uasc-ug-office@ucl.ac.uk
Elena Méndez-Piedra Paredes, uasc-ug-office@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett Planning

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Claire Colomb, c.colomb@ucl.ac.uk


Jenny Post, j.post@ucl.ac.uk

Bartlett School of Architecture

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Sophie Read, sophie.read@ucl.ac.uk

Biochemical Engineering

Study Abroad Tutors

Dr Duygu Dikicioglu, d.dikicioglu@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Stefanie Frank, stefanie.frank@ucl.ac.uk

Biological Sciences

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Lawrence Bellamy, l.bellamy@ucl.ac.uk

Biomedical Engineering 

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Terence Leung, t.leung@ucl.ac.uk

Chemical Engineering

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Alex Rettie, a.rettie@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Stefan Howorka, s.howorka@ucl.ac.uk

Civil Engineering

Study Abroad Tutors

Dr Carmine Galasso, c.galasso@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Beatrice Baudet, b.baudet@ucl.ac.uk 

Classic and Ancient World Studies 

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Fiachra Mac Góráin, f.macgorain@ucl.ac.uk

Computer Science

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Shi Zhou, s.zhou@ucl.ac.uk

Earth Sciences

Study Abroad Tutor

Prof Adrian Jones, adrian.jones@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Beatriz Armendariz, b.armendariz@ucl.ac.uk


Rebecca Burns, economics.affiliates@ucl.ac.uk

Electrical Engineering

Study Abroad Tutor

Prof George Pavlou, george.pavlou@ucl.ac.uk

ESPS (European Social and Political Studies)

Study Abroad Tutor 

Dr Julia Wagner, j.wagner@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Helen Bennion, h.bennion@ucl.ac.uk

Hebrew and Jewish Studies 

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Mark Geller, m.geller@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutors (History with a Year Abroad/History with a European Language)

Dr Coskun Tuncer, a.tuncer@ucl.ac.uk/ Dr. Alessandro De Arcangelis, alessandro.arcangelis.13@ucl.ac.uk


Aimee McGovern  history-studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk

IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society

Director of Undergraduate Teaching

Dr JD Carpentieri, j.carpentieri@ucl.ac.uk 

Institute of the Americas

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Kesewa John, kesewa.john@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Aaron Hiltner, a.hiltner@ucl.ac.uk

ISPS (International Social and Political Studies)

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Igor Rogelja, i.rogelja@ucl.ac.uk


Departmental Study Abroad Coordinator

Olivia Thompson, o.thompson@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Nathan Klinedinst, nathank@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Lars Louder, l.louder@ucl.ac.uk

Mechanical Engineering

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr. Jie Huang, jie.huang@ucl.ac.uk

Natural Sciences

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Ali Mozaffari, a.mozaffari@ucl.ac.uk 


Study Abroad Tutors

Prof Paul Bartlett, paul.bartlett@ucl.ac.uk

Population Health Sciences

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Nicola Shelton, n.shelton@ucl.ac.uk


Sophie Skinner, s.skinner@ucl.ac.uk

Political Science (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Julie De Romemont,  j.romemont@ucl.ac.uk

Political Science (Politics and International Relations)

Study Abroad Tutors

Dr Julie De Romemont, j.romemont@ucl.ac.uk

Psychology and Language Sciences

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Daniel Richardson, daniel.richardson@ucl.ac.uk

School of Management (Information Management for Business)

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Nina Seppala, n.seppala@ucl.ac.uk


Michelle Tinsley, m.tinsley@ucl.ac.uk

School of Management (Management Science)

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Stephen Todd, stephen.todd@ucl.ac.uk


Michael Manlangit, m.manlangit@ucl.ac.uk

School of Pharmacy

Extramural Placement Coordinator

Liz Taylor, sop.placements@ucl.ac.uk

SELCS (School of European Languages and Culture)

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Adrian Pearce, adrian.pearce@ucl.ac.uk


SELCS Year Abroad Team, selcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk

Slade School of Arts

Study Abroad Tutor


Social Research Institute

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Humera Iqbal, h.iqbal1@ucl.ac.uk

SSEES (School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies)

Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Aglaya Snetkov, a.snetkov@ucl.ac.uk


Robert Bodden, ssees.yearabroad@ucl.ac.uk


Study Abroad Tutor

Dr Tom Honnor, t.honnor@ucl.ac.uk