FAQs for students undertaking a Study Abroad placement in 2021/22

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for UCL students abroad at UCL partner institutions as part of a Study Abroad team managed placement in 2021/22

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What is UCL's guidance around Study Abroad in 2021/22 and am I able to proceed with my placement? 

UCL is continuing to support students who wish to proceed with their planned 2021/22 study abroad placement, provided that they are able to meet all relevant immigration, quarantine and vaccination reuqirements ahead of their placement start date. All students planning to travel to their host country are required to carry out an independent risk assessment before travelling to their host country using our pre-departure 'Declaration of Risk' form, which can be found in the 'UCL Students Abroad in 2021/22' Moodle course.

Students who are planning to undertake a placement in a country on the FCDO's 'red-list' will be required to attend a virtual meeting with the Study Abroad Team ahead of travel to discuss the risk assessment that they have carried out and to confirm the steps that they have taken to ensure that they have a safe trip. We expect all students to take a proactive and pragmatic approach to travel and safety and inform us of any concerns as soon as they arise. 

We do not expect students who are not required by their host unviersity/employer to be in attendance in person to travel to their host country. 

I am feeling unsure about whether or not to proceed with my placement, what are my options? 

We understand that in order to make the best decision for next year, you need to know the full set of options available to you, including information on the implications that each option might have on your degree programme. We have worked with your faculty to provide a set of options specific to your programme that we believe will offer you the best experience as a UCL student.

You should by now have received information on your options from your faculty. If you have any questions about the options available to you, we encourage you to discuss these with your departmental Study Abroad Tutor. 

Where can I find pre-departure resources? 

If you are preparing to undertake a 2021/22 placement, you have been enrolled onto the 'UCL Students Abroad in 2021/22' Moodle Course, which includes lots of helpful resources to help you prepare for your upcoming placement. You can download the 2021/22 Study Abroad Handbook, access a range of comprehensive FAQ's and catch up on recordings of our recent virtual events. You will retain access to the course during your placement. 

If you would like to speak to a member of the Study Abroad Team about your placement, we encourage you to book a 1-1 appointment with the team, which you can do through Moodle. You can select a 20-minute appointment time, during which you are welcome to ask us any questions about your upcoming placement; we can help advise you on practical matters and refer your questions on to the relevant team, if we are not able to assist. Appointments are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we release new slots regularly. 

How will UCL engage with me whilst I am abroad? 

We will be asking all students to provide us with an update on their location (i.e. within host country or studying elsewhere) and mode of study on a monthly basis throughout the 21/22 academic year. It is a requirement for all students undertaking a Study Abroad placement to engage with this and notify us as soon as possible if your placement changes. 

During your time abroad, we will be running regular virtual drop-in sessions, social media takeovers and sending paperwork reminders to students undertaking Erasmus+ placements.  

Will I receive insurance coverage for my placement? 

All students participating in the Study Abroad programme and travelling to their host country to participate in-person are eligible for free medical and travel emergency insurance coverage provided by RSA (Royal Sun Alliance), UCL's insurers. Information on how to generate your insurance coverage can be found within the Moodle Course and we encourage you to refer to our comprehensive insurance FAQ's for information on the policy benefits.  

Your host country’s status on the FCDO's overseas travel list as a green, amber or red country will determine the level of insurance coverage that you are entitled to through RSA and you should consider how risk might be heightened in an amber or red country. If there is a sudden change in conditions, a country or territory may be moved between lists without warning. 

I am undertaking a placement in Europe, how do I find out more about the Erasmus+ programme?

 All students who are preparing to undertake a placement in Europe have received information on how to begin the Erasmus+ application process. Information on the document requirements can also be found on the Erasmus+ pages of the Study Abroad website. 

Will I be eligible for funding through the Turing Scheme? 

Following UCL's application bid for Turing funding in Spring 2021, we continue to await information from the British Council on how the scheme will operate. General information on the Turing scheme can be found on the UCL Current Students website and we will be in contact with Study Abroad students as soon as we have information to share.