What are short-term global opportunities?

Short-term global opportunities allow students to engage in international experiences for a few weeks, outside of term-time and independent of their studies.

Short-term mobility options

Most opportunities occur over the summer, but some can also take place over other holiday periods. In some circumstances, students can undertake independently sourced opportunities during term-time, provided they have department approval. Examples of short term mobilities include:

Benefits of short-term mobility

By engaging in a global placement for even just a short period, students still gain valuable employability experience, build international networks and improve their language and communication skills. There are three major  benefits that are specific to short-term mobility.

1. Time flexible

Most short-term mobilities are outside of term-time, so are particularly beneficial for students with demanding term-time schedules.

2. Cost effective

Since short term mobilities are usually only a few weeks long (often one to eight weeks), the costs are generally cheaper compared to studying abroad for a full semester or year. There are also specific short-term mobility bursaries that are exclusively available for relevant students, as outlined on UCL's relevant Study Abroad Funding webpage.

3. Non-credit bearing

Short-term mobilities do not contribute to overall degree classifications, so students have the freedom to take courses/programmes that relate to their current studies or others that they would not normally take during term time. 

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