Africa and Middle East

Summer School opportunities in Africa and Middle East


University of Cape Town Global Short Academic Programmes

This summer, the University of Cape Town (UCT) are offering two short-term programmes; Afropolitanism, Social Justice and Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Water Management.

Afropolitanism, Social Justice and Social Entrepreneurship, Personal Mastery (Leadership & Mindfulness) and Design Thinking

This 5-week programme is designed to inspire participants to become global citizens. It presents insights into South African history, politics, culture, social justice and social entrepreneurship. The programme connects the past to the present, discussing opportunities and challenges of transformation facing the country, the African continent and the world today. It also encourages students to reflect on values of social justice and gain insights into the interconnectivity between their own societies and the rest of the world.

Visits to historical, heritage and entrepreneurial community sites will allow students to experience the vibrant and diverse cultures that influence and shape the character of Cape Town and South Africa, as well as expose students to innovative initiatives communities are undertaking to seek solutions to social issues.

Moreover, the programme develops students’ leadership skills by focussing on critical skills, soft skills, mindfulness, leadership, aspirations and self-empowerment. It exposes students to Design Thinking practices which not only will prepare students for developing and working in transversal teams, but also will give students an appreciation of the different perspectives that exist in an organisation, and practices in working collaboratively.

Dates: 13th June - 15th July 2022

Tuition Fee: $4960 - this includes tuition, accommodation and field trips.

Sustainable Water Management in Africa

This course has been designed to equip the next generation of critical thinkers to consider the world’s increasingly complex water challenges. This course will challenge participants to consider water in new ways, develop the tools to do so and equip them with the skills to apply their learnings in different contexts. This course adopts an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary (IDTD) approach to examine the complexity of current water crises, trends and conditions, with specific examples from the African continent. While considering water demand, supply and treatment, it addresses the need to derive maximum benefit from water resources while incurring minimum burden and the need to secure ‘new taps’ in a Water Sensitive context.

Dates: 11th - 22nd July 2022

Tuition Fee: $3000 - this includes tuition, accommodation and field trips.

For more information visit the UCT website.

Stellenbosch University International Summer Programme

Stellenbosch University currently offers four programmes during July and August. The academic programme consists of lectures, group discussions and field trips, and is taught by Stellenbosch University faculty and other South African experts. The four programmes are as follows:

  • General elective programme
  • Learning, Sustainability & Community Engagement
  • Doing Business in Southern Africa
  • Public Health

Dates: vary depending on the programme.

Tuition Fees: vary depending on the programme.

For more information visit the Stellenbosch University International Summer Programme website.

Rothberg International School of Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Rothberg International School are offering a number of different sumer school options throughout July 2022 in the form of a 4 week course and August 2022 in the form of a 2 week course. These include:

  • Israel & Middle East Studies
  • Language Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Social & Politcal Studies
  • Business & Legal Studies
  • STEM

Dates: 4 week courses in July 2022 and 2 week courses in August 2022

Tuition Fees: vary depending on course

More information can be found on the Rothberg International School website.