Thesis submission extension fees

If you are submitting your thesis as a non-registered student you may have to pay a submission extension fee.

If you do not submit your thesis by the end of your period of completing research status, your registration as a student will end. At this point you will need to apply for permission to submit your thesis. Your supervisor will need to support this request by completing the suspension of regulations form, giving the reasons for your late submission and the date by which you intend to submit your thesis. This should be emailed to the Research Degrees section.

Download the suspension of regulation request form

If approved, you will be liable for the submission extension fee as given in the table below.

Submission Extension Fees for session 2023-24

Extension LengthExtension Fee
Up to 3 months£733
From 4 to 6 months£1,465
From 7 to 9 months£2.198
10 months upwards£2,930

Submission Extension Fees for Session 2022-23

Extension LengthExtension Fee
Up to 3 months£712
From 4 to 6 months£1,423
From 7 to 9 months£2,134
10 months upwards£2,845

You will be sent an invoice for the submission extension fee once your thesis has been submitted. In all cases the result of your examination will be withheld until the payment has been made.