UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Russian Level 3 Upper Intermediate

Course description: Level 3 Russian is for the people who have recently completed Lower Intermediate course or who already have acquired the basic knowledge of the Russian grammar (i.e. gender, declension of singular and plural nouns, conjugation of verbs, imperfective verbs, the three tenses, the use of adjectives and adverbs) through visits to the country or self-study. The course aims at giving students further understanding of grammar, developing broader vocabulary and four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Topics: family and personal information, daily routines, health and sports, shopping, travelling by different modes of transport, food and eating out, work and leisure.

Skills: Understanding the main points of clear standard speech on familiar and regularly encountered matters, as well as the main points of some audio mass media programmes and sources on familiar topics when delivery is slow and clear. Understanding texts containing mainly everyday language, descriptions of events, wishes and feeling in personal letters, messages, and stories. Dealing with most travel and everyday life situations, entering, and keeping up conversations on familiar topics. Expressing opinions and giving reasons. Narrating a simple short story. Writing simple texts on familiar topics and personal letters/messages.

Grammar: Reflexive verbs, verb aspect, verbs of motion, transitive and non-transitive verbs,  Imperative forms of verbs, permission and prohibition, declension of nouns and adjectives, prepositions with various cases. 

Study Materials
Let's Go! Poekhali!: Textbook 2.1, By S.I. Chernyshov

You don’t need to buy the CD.