UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Russian Level 1 Beginners

Course description: Russian Level 1 is for the people who have no or very little knowledge of the language (few very basic niceties/words, introduction to the alphabet) with no knowledge of grammar.

The course aims at giving students understanding of the simple main grammar areas, developing basic vocabulary and enabling students to use Russian in simple and familiar everyday situations and providing them with the solid basis for further language learning.


Topics: Going places, surviving in the main travel situations: airports, hotels, restaurants, theatres and cinemas, streets and directions, time and opening times, money, talking about oneself, home and family.

Skills: Understanding of sentences and frequently-used expressions in simple and familiar everyday situations. Communicating in simple routine and familiar situations. Delivering and retrieving simple information on personal details, background, time, directions, costs, phone numbers etc. Expressing likes and dislikes. Keeping up very simple short conversations. Understanding simple public announcements, notices and signs. Understanding simple written messages. Writing down simple information and understanding simple written messages.

Grammar: Gender and cases, plurals, nouns, adjectives (including basic use of short forms), simple prepositions and conjunctions, numerals, personal pronouns and possessive pronouns, simple adverbs, verbs' conjugation, infinitives and imperatives, past, present and introduction to the future tense use.


Study Materials:

Ruslan Russian 1 (Textbook, workbook and grammar book) by John Langran and Natalia Veshneva 

isbn 9781912397013 when they are ordering the course book. Safest is for them to   http://www.ruslan.co.uk/ruslanorders.htm