UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Russian Level 5 Advanced

Course description: Advanced Russian is for people who have completed an Upper Intermediate Level Course and have a strong command of Russian and its main grammatical structures. The course runs over three ten-week terms and each session is two hours long. The course includes speaking, listening, reading and writing and will cover the following:

Topics: Russian family and marriage, the status of women in Russia, homeless children, orphanages and adoptions, Russian middle class and nouveaux riches, young Russians and their interests and values, education in Russia, sports and tourism, the media, Russian culture and literature.

Functions: presenting viewpoints, developing arguments, analysing and evaluating in speech and in writing; listening/reading and responding to spoken/written Russian texts, covering different contexts, registers, styles and genres; understanding and applying the grammatical system and a range of structures in Russian; transferring meaning from English into Russian and vice versa.

Grammar: revision of cases and aspects of verbs; participles; verbs of motion; numerals (declension, collective numerals, fractions and decimals); relative pronouns; comparatives and superlatives; prepositions; particles; adverbs and gerunds; conditional sentences; conjunctions; passive constructions; prefixes and suffixes.

Study materials:

Rossiia: den’ segodniashnii (Present-Day Russia), Rodimkina, A., & Landsman, N., 2005, Zlatoust (ISBN 5-86547-352-2); teacher’s materials.