UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Russian Level 5 Advanced Plus

Course description: Advanced Russian Plus is for people who have completed an Advanced Level Course and have a strong command of Russian and its grammatical structures. The course runs over three ten-week terms and each session is two hours long. The course includes speaking, reading, writing and listening and will cover the following:

Topics: image of Russia abroad, unemployment, migrant workers, human rights, freedom of speech, mass media, elections, education, terrorism.

Functions: presenting viewpoints, developing arguments, analysing and evaluating in speech and in writing; reading / listening and responding to spoken / written Russian texts, covering different contexts, registers styles and genres; understanding and applying the grammatical system and a range of structures in Russian.

Grammar: revision and reinforcement of cases and aspects of verbs, especially verbs of motion with prefixes and perfective / imperfective verbs; declension of numerals; participles; particles; conjunctions; adverbs and gerunds; passive constructions; imperatives.

Study materials: teacher’s own resources, materials from the Internet (online newspapers, magazines).