UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Albanian Level 3 Upper Intermediate

Course description: Upper Intermediate is for those who have successfully completed the Lower Intermediate Albanian Short Course or a similar course and/or have developed a sound knowledge of the basics of the language through extensive visits to Albania or through self-study. The course runs over three ten-week terms and each session is two hours long. Linguistic and cultural awareness is reinforced through continuous revision and by building on students’ previous knowledge when introducing a new topic. On completion of the course students should be able to get by in most Albanian-speaking environments, and to retrieve information from authentic materials. The course includes all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The course will cover the following:


  • regions of Albania and Kosovo; travelling
  • idioms and proverbs,
  • health and illness, at the doctor’s, body parts revisited
  • furnishing a house
  • getting by at the airport and calling a taxi
  • opening a bank account, paying one’s bills and charges
  • making arrangements, enrolling and attending events
  • setting up a mobile phone or internet contract
  • what can go wrong: making complaints while travelling or at home
  • discussing goals, purpose, and conditions; things that have gone wrong in the past
  • a few essential texts in Albanian literature


  • agreeing/disagreeing, expressing opinion
  • relating past events
  • expressing wishes, desires, and possibilities
  • negotiating and discussing conditions
  • making suggestions and recommendations
  • speculating, making assumptions
  • complaining and apologising; excuses
  • giving orders and making polite requests: understanding the difference
  • comparing and contrasting


  • revision and more in depth study of the grammar covered at previous levels
  • past perfect progressive, future progressive, future perfect progressive
  • complex sentences: relative clauses and complement closes
  • compound nouns, articled nouns
  • emphatic pronouns
  • conditional, past conditional
  • verbal phrases, gerund
  • difficult adverbs, subordinating conjunctions, interjections

Learning resources:

  • Albanian Verbs by Bahtjar Bega: IBSN 978 99943 40 43 9
  • teacher’s materials