UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Ionian Sea, Albania


Albanian Short Courses


Enrolment will be opened on 12th JULY 21. See How to Enrol for more information and deadlines.

CourseAutumn Term 1  Lessons 1-10Winter Term 2  Lessons 11-20Summer Term 3 Lessons 21-30
Albanian Beginners Tuesday AB111Tuesday AB121Tuesday AB131
Albanian BeginnersWednesday AB112Wednesday AB122Wednesday AB132
Albanian Lower Intermediate Tuesday AB211Tuesday AB221Tuesday AB231
Albanian Upper IntermediateWednesday AB311Wednesday AB321Wednesday AB331
Albanian Advanced Thursday AB611Thursday AB621Thursday AB631
Albanian Advanced PlusMonday AB711Monday AB721Monday AB731

All classes last two hours and commence at 6.30pm. 

Please note these are 30-week courses split into three 10-week terms. New students with sufficient knowledge of the language can enrol for lessons 11-20 and/or 21-30, but complete beginners must start in October.