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Programme Summary PDFs for Offer Holders

15 November 2023

Programme Summary PDFs now provided to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Offer Holders


Students’ consumer rights are protected by consumer protection law as outlined by the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) guidance for HE providers. These regulations require us to provide students with the information that they need to make an informed decision before accepting a place with UCL. 

UCL complies with these regulations through the provision of information via the prospectus, offer letter, applicant portal and UCL Terms and Conditions. 

Offer Holder Programme Summaries for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Programmes 

To ensure continued compliance, we introduced the Offer Holder Programme Summary for Undergraduate Programmes last year: a pdf document containing key programme information issued via the Applicant Portal with the offer letter. It forms part of the student contract with UCL alongside the offer holder letter and UCL Terms and Conditions.  

From this year, the Programme Summary PDF will also be provided to Postgraduate Taught Offer Holders.

What information is provided in the Offer Holder Programme Summary?  

Offer Holder Programme Summaries contain:  

  • Programme title  
  • Qualification  
  • Structure of the programme  
  • Assessment methods  
  • Core and optional modules  
  • Location and mode of study  
  • Duration of programme
  • Accreditation
  • Accessibility Information  

Click here to view an example of an Undergraduate Offer Holder Programme Summary.
Click here to view an example of a Postgraduate Offer Holder Programme Summary.  

Viewing Programme Summaries 

Staff can now view both Offer Holder Programme Summaries (the student view) and Internal Programme Summaries as outlined below.  

Viewing Offer Holder Programme Summaries   

Staff can view current and previous Offer Holder Programme Summaries on Portico – see our View Offer Holder Programme Summaries step by step guidance for instructions on how to do this.  

Information for Offer Holder Programme Summaries is collated by the Publications team in consultation with departments during copycall (this is the same source as the prospectus information). For copycall timelines and information on how to amend information, please view our Publications webpage.   

Viewing internal Programme Summaries 

Internal Programme Summaries remain available for staff to check the data held about their programmes. These include more information than the Offer Holder Programme Summaries and should not be provided to students.  

A tracked changes version of the Internal Programme Summary is required for major and moderate programme amends.  This ensures all required information is provided for the amendments.  

Staff can view Internal Programme Summaries on Portico – see our View Internal Programme Summaries step by step guidance for instructions on how to do this.  

Over the coming months, we will establish a method for Internal Programme Summaries to be updated on Portico and will consult with colleagues across UCL throughout this process.

For technical enquiries relating to Programme Summaries, please contact Portico Governance - porticogovernance@ucl.ac.uk