We design and produce UCL’s core publications for all audiences (prospective and current students, staff, leadership and external and external stakeholders). We work with departments and faculties across UCL to help create visually meaningful and well-designed materials.

books and resources
We manage the creation of our  online and printed Prospectuses for undergraduate, graduate (taught and research), teacher training, summer school and the study abroad programmes as well as materials for UCL’s graduation ceremonies. 

We also provide support if you require more general advice about printed materials.

See below for more details and if you have specific queries with regards to UCL promotional publications, contact cam.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk

Also, for more information, please refer to our Brand and Visual Identity page and to our Student Recruitment page.

Prospectuses and leaflets

Which student recruitment publications are you responsible for? And in what format are they available?

We are responsible for the online version of the following prospectuses - Undergraduate ProspectusGraduate Prospectus (including Teacher Training), Summer School, and Study Abroad.

We are responsible for the print editions of all the above except for Teacher Training (please contact the IOE). For hard copies, please contact cam.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk

PDFs of the print version are available online:

Who shall I contact for additions and amendments to the prospectuses?

For updates or corrections to the online prospectuses (undergraduate, graduate, teacher training, summer school and study abroad), contact vpee.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk .

For updates to other web pages, contact digitalcommunications@ucl.ac.uk.

When is the copycall for the prospectuses?

We liaise with departments about the publication schedule of our student recruitment publications:

  • UCL Undergraduate Prospectus: the copy call goes out for this in November every year and the prospectus is published in February/March. 
  • UCL Graduate Prospectus: the copy call goes out for this in May/June every year and the prospectus is published in September.
  • UCL Study Abroad Guide: the copy call goes out for this in May/June every year and the Study Abroad Guide is published in August.

Outside the annual update cycle, updates for the online version of the prospectus entries can be sent to vpee.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk .


Additional publications and printed resources

Which other printed resources are you responsible for?

We are responsible for the production and printing of a range of resources including promotional leaflets, banners, posters or postcards.

All UCL corporate communications are mainly available online, e.g. About UCL and UCL 2034 strategy.

UCL 2019, our annual publication which reports on progress towards our UCL 2034 Strategy, is available in PDF format and in print. For hard copies, contact vpee.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk .

Brainfood, our quarterly publication on UCL events has now been discontinued. Instead, for UCL public events updates, sign up to the UCL Minds events mailing list.


Advice and support

Where can I find guidelines on the use of the UCL brand identity?

All details are available online - go to view the UCL brand section. For specific queries, contact brand.comms@ucl.ac.uk.

Where can we get help with design, print, and audio/video production, using the UCL identity?

The Publications team within CAM can advise and assist with the production and printing of a range of resources including promotional leaflets, banners, posters or postcards.

For other materials, check our list of suppliers, including UCL Digital Media and UCL Health Creatives.

Is editorial guidance available?

We provide editorial skills support to UCL staff with our UCL brand online guidance: Editorial house style and Tone of voice.

For specific queries, please contact vpee.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk .

How do we ensure our communications materials are compliant with consumer protection?

The Compliance team in Student and Registry Services (SRS) provides UCL staff with the guidance and support to ensure that all prospective and current student communications meet our consumer protection obligations.

SRS have also recently launched an online training course around students' consumer protection. The course provides an overview of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidelines for consumer protection at UCL.

For details, go to our Consumer Protection pages.