Student and Registry Services


New UCL Student Attendance Policy

1 July 2021

UCL is launching a new attendance monitoring system – RegisterUCL – together with a new Student Attendance Policy.

You can find out the latest information about the project here:


The new policy means various changes to the Academic Manual, including:

  • New Annex 3.2 UCL Student Attendance Policy (including the separate Faculty attendance thresholds)
  • New Visa and Immigration Compliance processes to monitor engagement (including removal of the Authorised Absence for Students on a Student Visa Form from the Academic Manual)
  • Revised regulations in Chapter 3, Section 3: Attendance and Absence
  • Suspension of the Barring regulations for 2021-22 (further work on this aspect will continue through 2021-22)
  • Minor changes throughout the Academic Manual to align with the new policy

Project information:

New policy:

Annex 3.2: UCL Student Attendance Policy

New regulations:

Chapter 3: Registration Framework for Taught Programmes

  • 3 Attendance and Absence

Chapter 6: Student Casework Framework 

  • 4 Learning Agreements, Barring, Suspensions and Termination of Study

Minor changes:

Chapter 3: Registration Framework for Taught Programmes

  • 1.5 Registration Status
  • 2.6 Late Module Changes
  • 5.3 Extenuating Circumstances Prior to Interruption
  • 5.6 Date of Interruption and Return
  • 6.3 Minimum Criteria for Approval
  • 6.4 Approval of Transfers within a Department/ Division
  • 6.5 Approval of Transfers between Departments/ Divisions

Chapter 4: Assessment Framework for Taught Programmes 

  • 3.6 Attendance Requirements & Eligibility for Assessment
  • 5.13 Reasonable Adjustments/ Attendance Requirements
  • 9.13 Progression & Award/ Non-Modular Programmes
  • 11.2 Failure at the First Attempt
  • 11.6 Consequences of Failure/ Non-Modular Programmes