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LSA Exams

12 August 2021

Information on the LSA for resitting and deferred candidates

LSA candidates should now be able to see their centrally managed exams on AssessmentUCL. It is important that they check this very carefully and let us know immediately if any exams appear to be missing.    

Practice Exam   

In preparation for the exams, candidates should be encouraged to complete the practice exam at least once; using the same device and software that they plan to use during their exams. Further information can be found at the practice exam section of our exam pages.   

Wi-Fi - Advice for Students   

ISD has provided some information on how to connect to Wi-Fi where one’s own Wi-Fi may not be reliable.  Especially in relation to students in China using China Connect and for students (and staff) in the UK to enable the use of BT Wi-fi without a BT account.   

Remote Support for Staff and Students   

Staff from ISD, Digital Education and UCL Examinations will be available 08:00 – 20:00 throughout the examination period. Information and links can be found on the online support page and the staff support page   

Any students with queries should first be referred to our FAQ at: Exams and assessments 2020-21 FAQs; and should direct any further queries to the Examinations Team via AskUCL.   

Staff with any questions regarding centrally managed exams on AssessmentUCL should be directed to our FAQs.   

The Digital Education Team have produced a Guide to marking centrally managed exams 2021 which you may find helpful.   

Other Assessments  

Departments should advise students of the dates and deadlines for all other non-centrally organised assessments with a resit and/or deferral.  

Mark Entry 

Mark entry has been opened on Portico to allow for the entering of any resit and/or deferral marks. Marks must be entered, calculated and processed before progression calculation is run and further guidance on entering re-assessment marks can be found here in the Mark Entry Guidance section. If you identify any modules that are not open for mark entry, please log a request on your Faculty Student Records Query Log.  

LSA Exam Board Processes  

2020 Late Summer Period progression records have been created for all undergraduate students with resits and/or deferrals. In the Portico Progression Calculation Task, please select this period in your retrieval to ensure only LSA students are displayed. You can use the pre-board Exam Board Data Checker to identify the LSA students for your board and check all data is correct before running the exam board reports.  

Resit and/or deferral grades and progression/award outcomes for Postgraduate students should be ratified at the main Postgraduate exam boards in the Autumn.  

After your undergraduate LSA sub-board has been held, the Portico Post-Board Confirmation task must be completed for all students. Student Records will then release the results within 5 days of Faculty approval and update the records for continuing students to enable them to re-enrol.  

Further guidance on the Late Summer Assessments and Board processes can be found here. 

Key Dates  

LSA Period for resits and deferrals: Monday 16th August – Friday 3rd September 

LSA mark entry and exchange of marks deadline: Friday 17th September 

LSA Sub boards for UG students: Monday 20th September – Friday 24th September 

LSA deadline for results processing and faculty approval: Friday 1st October 

LSA release of results and progression/award outcomes: within 5 days of Faculty approval 

For more information please visit our Exam Board Support website.  

For further information:

Regarding centrally managed exams: examinations@ucl.ac.uk 

Regarding Exam Board processes: examboards@ucl.ac.uk