Department of Political Science


MPhil and PhD Students

Andrea Caflisch is smiling at the camera, he is wearing sport attire and he is against a mountaineous background.

Andrea Caflisch

Andrea's research focuses on the role of inclusivity in post-conflict transitions, the politics of voluntary and forced migration, and the impact of economic deprivation and violence on political behaviour. 

Email: andrea.caflisch.16@ucl.ac.uk

Ioanna smiles into the camera. She is standing in front of green foliage.

Ioanna Gkoutna

Ioanna’s research is on the field of political behaviour. Her thesis explores the process of social capital formation and its interplay with economic insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa. She also works on topics of political socialisation in Europe.

Angelica 800x500

Angelica Johansson

She is focusing her PhD on the politics of climate change loss and damage, more specifically how the science of climate change attribution can affect political power relations on an international level within the UNFCCC. 

Email: uctqkl2@ucl.ac.uk


Finn Klebe

Finn’s research assesses the turn to violence and varying relations between nonviolent and violent groups within contentious movements.


Hannah McHugh

Hannah's PhD in Political Theory focusses on the connection between the republican conception of social justice and relational egalitarianism, structural injustices and status inequalities.

Email: Hannah.mchugh.16@ucl.ac.uk


Ben Morgan

Ben is researching bureaucratic effectiveness and political failure, with a case study focus on migration and border control.

Email: b.morgan.12@ucl.ac.uk

Jay O'Connor

Jay O'Connor

Jay’s research, under the supervision of Prof David Coen and Dr Colin Provost, focuses on democratic accountability and the governance of health and social care in England. 

Email: j.o'connor.12@ucl.ac.uk


Dušan Rebolj

Dušan’s research, currently in its early stages, focuses on the normative implications of power for neorepublican and epistemic democratic theory.

Email: dusan.rebolj.19@ucl.ac.uk


Antonio Reyes-Gonzalez

Antonio’s research looks at the underlying social processes that drive cross-sector collaboration between public and non-public actors in the board of directors of global multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Email: antonio.reyes.16@ucl.ac.uk

Yara is in a cafe and smiles to the camera, with her head to one side.

Yara Sleiman

Yara's research interests include identity politics, political psychology, quantitative survey methods and causal inference.


Yilin Su

Yilin’s research focuses on how state strategies of online disinformation affect social movement participants and public opinion, with a specific focus on Southeast Asia.

Email: yilin.su@ucl.ac.uk


Pablo Torres

Pablo's research seeks to study how governments deal with the trade-off between political control and autonomy in the context of state-owned enterprises.

Email: p.torres.20@ucl.ac.uk

Sigrid Webber 800x500

Sigrid Weber

Sigrid’s research focuses on internal forced migration, local conflict dynamics, and territorial control in civil wars.

Email: s.weber.17@ucl.ac.uk