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Alan Buckle

Alan is interested in the moral and political responsibilities of business executives concerning social justice.

Alan sits outside and looks towards the camera
Room: 1.02/1.03, 36-38 Gordon Sq.
Email: alan.buckle.21@ucl.ac.uk



Alan is a first year PhD student interested in the moral and political responsibilities of executives in large corporations concerning social justice.  He used to work in business and more recently has worked with NGOs with an interest in social justice. 

He has a BA in Philosophy from Durham University and an MA in Political Theory from University College London. 

PhD Title:

(Provisional) Are business executives to blame for injustice and what ought they to do about it?

Research Proposal:

(Provisional) While liberal theories of justice have often struggled to account for business corporations, sometimes excluding them from the reach of justice, the workplace - where we spend so much time together and where many of our dreams are formed, lived, and broken - has recently become the object of much theoretical consideration.  However, relatively little attention is paid to the responsibilities of senior executives who – as well as contributing to prosperity - play a seemingly powerful role in distribution and in determining the conditions of our relationships, at work and beyond.  Alan’s research will consider the moral and political responsibilities of these executives and ask whether those who strive to be good employers, responsible citizens, leaders in their communities, and who shape purposeful businesses with a strong culture and good values, discharge their responsibilities, or contribute to greater injustices. 

Research Groups:

  • Political Theory

Research Themes:

  • The nature of the firm and the executive role

  • Moral responsibilities of groups and individuals 

  • Role responsibilities

  • Corporate culture and values

  • Relational and structural injustice 

  • The application of political theory to problems of business ethics