Department of Political Science


Yilin Su

Yilin’s research focuses on how state strategies of online disinformation affect social movement participants and public opinion, with a specific focus on Southeast Asia.

Email: yilin.su@ucl.ac.uk
Location: 1.02/1.03, 36-38 Gordon Sq.


Yilin is a second-year Ph.D. student at the UCL Department of Political Science, supervised by Prof. Kristin M. Bakke, Dr Katerina Tertytchnaya, and Prof. Nils Metternich. She holds an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London (Distinction). Before starting her Ph.D., Yilin was a research assistant at UCL and the University of Glasgow. She also has experience working in journalism. Yilin is the recipient of the four-year Bentham Scholarship at the Department of Political Science, UCL.

PhD title and short abstract

How do illiberal regimes employ strategies of online disinformation to shape dissent and public opinion? 

This research studies the impact of online disinformation tactics on dissent and public opinion in electoral autocracies, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia.

Research interests

Disinformation, quantitative methods, authoritarian politics, public opinion.

Research groups

  • Conflict & Change
  • Comparative Politics