Department of Political Science


Marco Cappelluti

Marco Cappelluti is a first-year MPhil/PhD student at the Department of Political Science.


Marco is a first-year MPhil/PhD student at the UCL Department of Political Science, where he holds a Clara Collet Scholarship. Prior to joining UCL, Marco completed a BSc in Economic and Social Sciences and a MSc in Politics and Policy Analysis from Bocconi University. He also spent an exchange semester at the Hertie School in Berlin. Marco interned at the Laboratory for Effective Anti-Poverty Policies at Bocconi University (2020) and was a research assistant for the ERC LOSS project (2021-22).

His research interests are at the intersection of political economy, political behaviour and comparative politics, with a focus on economic insecurity, fiscal policies and political trust.


Research title

Economic insecurity, fiscal policies and overall evaluations of trust in the EU.


Research interests

Political economy, political behaviour, economic voting, economic insecurity, political trust.


Research groups

Comparative Politics, Political Economy and Political Behaviour.