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International Clinical Trials Day

To mark International Clinical Trials Day, we spotlight some of the studies led by UCL researchers that have been instrumental in safely testing new therapies and drugs that have changed clinical practice and improved the lives of patients.
Through UCL Partners, we support around eight million patients with a broad range of healthcare needs. We had to keep going so that patients could continue to receive the best and most advanced care, and so that we wouldn’t be starting from zero after the pandemic recedes.

Tariq Enver, Director UCL Cancer Institute and Professor of Stem Cell Biology

Two people in surgical mask in a lab at the Eastman Dental Institute

COVID-19: Keeping cancer trials and treatment on track

Director of the Cancer Institute, Tariq Enver, explains how UCL has been able to continue vital cancer research throughout the pandemic.

Breast cancer screening

Single-dose radiotherapy effective for treating breast cancer

International trial led by Prof Jayant Vaidya confirms the effectiveness of the single-shot Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy (TARGIT-IORT). 

Pembrolizumab drug graphic

Clinical trial leads to new bowel cancer drug approval

International trial finds that pembrolizumab improves 'progression free survival' of patients. The drug is now approved by the UK regulator. 

Bathroom Scales

Drug for treating obesity cuts body weight by 20%

A large-scale international trial could radically improve the health of people with obesity and reduce the impact of diseases such as COVID-19.

Covid-19 graphic

World's first COVID-19 human challenge study

This human challenge model will study the body's immune responses and how different vaccines work in the body to stop or prevent COVID-19 and test potential treatments.

Treg cells graphic

Next-generation immunotherapy enters early phase clinical trials

A new experimental drug aims to harness the full power of the immune system in its response against cancer. The drug is now in Phase I clinical trials.


NIHR be part of research

International Clinical Trials Day celebrates patients and members of the public getting involved in research - either by taking part in a trial or by working with researchers. UCLH has hundreds of research studies recruiting at any one time, with around 20,000 of patients taking part in clinical trials. A high number of patients report having a positive experience of research at UCLH.

How to get involved

Coronavirus: The Whole Story

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The Whole Story' podcast series highlights UCL's interdisciplinary expertise on COVID-19, focusing on its management, mitigation, eventual halt, and preparing for a post-coronavirus world.

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