UCL mediacentral


"House" Rules and Protocols

  • All content is private to account user, unless that user either creates a group, shares with an existing group or chooses to embed and therefore makes the content public.
  • Only content (Video or Audio) that would be considered to be of UCL or UCL related academic, teaching, research or public engagement nature should be uploaded. Do not use Mediacentral for storing or delivering personal content that would be deemed unrelated to your learning, research or work.
  • Before uploading, users must have made individuals who appear in the content aware that this will appear online, be shared and may be viewed through social media.
  • Users must ensure before uploading any content that they are either the owner/creator or have permission of the owner/content to upload and share.
  • All users should never upload content which includes copyrighted material to which they either do not own or have not been given permission to use.
  • Add tagging/metadata to all content, a simple caption or description will ensure others can find and view content.
  • The ISD team (Content Board) supporting Mediacentral have the right to remove, delete, and/or report content which would be considered inappropriate.
  • The Content Board will move inappropriate content from the system, until satisfied that the content is either to be edited or an agreement to amend has been reached.
  • Only embed content from the system on "social media" sites/systems when fully satisfied that there would be no damage to UCL's Institutional reputation.