UCL mediacentral


Login and Access

Mediacentral makes it easy for you to upload and distribute your audio and video files. You can deliver clips to other Mediacentral users and embed the media in external sites such as a UCL Moodle or share content through social media. You can use the library from any browser as well as mobile devices such as Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Accessing the Site

When you visit Mediacentral as a UCL user, you can view, embed, share and download content and play clips, or you can log in to upload and manage your media content. 

Uploading Files

For full access, and to upload, you must log in to Mediacentral to use any of the additional library features, other than view. For more on the Upload process visit here

Guest Access

This is enabled and provides limited access to Mediacentral content. For example, guests can only watch videos in categories approved by the administrator. At certain times, guest access may be disabled for administrative reasons.

UCL User Access

Logging In

You login automatically by clicking the login icon at the top right of the page. The login screen prompts for your UCL user name and password. This is the same password you use for accessing other UCL IT systems.

To login use the ➜ icon on the right hand side of the banner:

Login to MC image

This opens the login screen.

User Name and Password

Login Screen

The log-in screen prompts for your UCL user name and password. Please enter them here.

Username_Password Image


For help and further information:

Contact the UCL Mediacentral support team if you have trouble logging in.