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The MEDIALecture tool is a component of Mediacentral. This is a tool aimed at Professional Services and staff or students who do not have access to similar tools. Any UCL staff member or student can record their screen, their webcam, and their voice or all three if required. This webpage explains how to install the application.

Installation procedure

MEDIALecture is available to download and add to your computer or Desktop@UCL personal computer if you have administrator rights, further information on how to install on Desktop@UCL will follow soon.

Please follow these instructions for installing MEDIALecture on either your personal or UCL provided PC or MAC computer.

  • First, go to the Mediacentral portal and log in using your UCL login credentials. (for help go to the Mediacentral Login and Access page)
  • Once you have logged in, click on the 'Record screen' button in the menu at the top of the page

Image showing the record button in Mediacentral
  • When you click on the 'Record' button, Mediacentral will try to detect if the software is installed on your computer.

Installing App - Launch process
  • When the app isn't detected you will see this and then a window will open to allow the software to be downloaded

App Installed or already running

Installing on a Windows PC

If you wish to Install on a Windows PC please follow these instructions. (more to follow, in the interim check out this link)

Windows Install image

Click on the Download button to start the install process

For PC Users

Click here to see how to configure MEDIALecture for your PC

Installing on an Apple Mac with Mac OS 

Click on the Download button at the bottom of the screen to download the software.

Apple Mac install image

Then go to your Downloads folder and click and click on the icon MEDIALecture.dmg

Medialecture dmg file
Once the .dmg file opens double click to install the software.
Screenshot of Medialecture install application

You may see a window that states that MEDIALecture.app can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

Screenshot stating app is malicious

Do not click on OK or Show in Finder, instead go to System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy

Screenshot of  System Preferences panel on a Mac


Then when the Security & Preferences pane opens, click on the padlock and you will be prompted to enter your computer password.

Security Lock screenshot on a Mac


Then, click on the Open Anyway button

Screenshot of Open Anyway button in Mac System Preferences

This will install the software on your Apple Mac computer, the MEDIALecture application and will ask you if you want to open the application

Screenshot asking to allow Medialecture to open

Click Allow and this will open MEDIALecture in the bottom right of your screen

Screenshot of the Medialecture application

For Apple Mac users

Click here to see how to configure MEDIALecture for your Mac