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Mediacentral is UCL's enterprise media portal, helping users to share and stream their content to enhance learning, teaching, research, promotional activities, training and improve communications.

What is Mediacentral

Mediacentral is the UCL online video portal, helping users to enable collaboration by sharing video and audio content through a streaming system that works flawlessly behind the scenes and allows you to Create, Manage, Deliver and View all your content within an all-inclusive solution. 

The system delivers 'Video on Demand' content directly to your audience whether they are on a mobile or a desktop device and works locally and internationally.

Mediacentral takes the difficulty out of streaming content, whilst giving more control, more engagement and new ways to communicate – all with less work.

What's new?


The team has added a temporary feature which, can allow users to record themselves, their screen and audio, or a combination of all three. Go to the MEDIALecture page to find out more.

Editing your video

It is now possible to edit your media files in order that they can be trimmed, chopped, or exported (the whole clip or part of a clip can be made into a new asset in Mediacentral. You can also change things such as the metadata, the thumbnail, the uploaded file itself and add or remove associated or captions files.

Adding Captions

You can add closed captions to your videos, for more information see the Captions or Subtitles page, These pages will also explain how to create captions yourself or use the services UCL has to offer. Coming soon... Mediacentral will have an automatic captioning function, there is a small cost for this and further details are available by contacting the Mediacentral team.

Launch Mediacentral

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Upload your UCL content

If you are a UCL lecturer, researcher, student, administrator, communicator or entrepreneur, Mediacentral is for you. Everyone at UCL has access to upload their media content to Mediacentral.

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How to upload your content


View great UCL content

Mediacentral allows you to view your content anywhere, at any time. On all devices, a connected tablet, mobile or desktop device - or download to view offline at your convenience.

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How to view your content


Share your UCL content

Embed your videos - Mediacentral allows you to add your media to websites, social media or send links to colleagues.  If you are having any issues with sharing or embedding your content please contact the team.

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How to share your content