UCL mediacentral


Adding a captions file

Mediacentral allows users to add captions to their videos, the following information will describe how to add, edit and display captions.

Adding Captions to your video

During the Upload process, you can add a captions file to your video, this is undertaken in the Associated Files tab and clicking on the Upload Captions button during the process.

Screenshot of Captions upload
This then allows you to choose and Upload your Captions file

Screenshot of add captions button
Please ensure your captions file is in either .srt, .vtt or .dfxp format. Once your captions have uploaded you will see the Pencil (Edit Captions) icon or a Bin (Delete Captions) icon.

Screenshot of Uploaded captions screen
Screenshot of Captions icons

Once you have added your captions you also have the opportunity to add additional files such as a Transcript, clcik on Browse , add your file and once the bar reaches 100% your file has uploaded.

Screenshot of Associated file upload
Then click on the Next button and then Finish to upload your file to Mediacentral

Screenshot of Confirm screen to add file to Mediacentral