UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Our vision and approach

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at UCL Life Sciences, and have made it a central focus of our activities and culture.

Underpinned by a vision of ‘Simply Good Practice’, we are working to ensure that our Faculty is a place where all staff and students can flourish – regardless of who they are, their background, sexual orientation or beliefs. 

We have put dedicated resources and teams in place at a Faculty and Division level, to find out what people need, where we can do better, and what needs to happen to address areas of inequality that still exist.  

From increasing access to our courses among different socio-economic groups, to ensuring staff have every opportunity to progress and grow, we are taking action where needed, and focusing on the areas where we still need to do more.   

We have made important strides forward, by introducing initiatives such as: 

  • mentoring programmes 

  • an extended leave policy 

  • a promotions committee 

  • inclusion guidelines for conferences 

  • support staff career progression training opportunities 

  • a new parent pack, and  

  • onsite career training and workshops.  

But there’s still a way to go, to make our student and staff experience truly equitable.  

This is the impetus for our EDI work. It’s what pushes us to keep testing and exploring new ideas, and sharing what we’re doing with other departments and universities. 

Most importantly, we’ve recognised that we need to take a long-term structured approach to this work. And that to create lasting change – and fully address the wide-ranging issues that feed into inequality – we have to start with a cultural shift.  

So, that’s been our focus over the last few years – building the kind of culture that’s needed to get people fully on board with EDI, and the changes being proposed, and bringing them with us as active participants on our journey. 

We have used a proven eight-step process to embed this change across the UCL Faculty of Life Sciences to great effect.  

You can read more about the process we’ve gone through here: 

Embedding a successful EDI culture – in eight steps